Have A Child’s Perspective For Some Magic

Dandelions are considered a weed where I live.  People try to remove them from their yards.  Still, children pick them and give them to their caregivers.  Children do not understand it is a weed – it is a very bright, fluffy flower.  They give the dandelions out of love.

Now when we are adults, we understand that giving other people weeds is not exactly a social compliment.  But we know that getting a dandelion from a child is just plain love.  We see things differently as we mature, but it is always loving when we look through a child’s eyes.  When we see things from a child’s perspective.

A child’s world is often magical – everything is fresh and new.  Children see things for what they are.

Let’s look at things with a child’s perspective.  Let’s let go of all of the preconditioned ideas we have about things.  Let’s look through a child’s eyes today and see what magic we can find.

One comment

  1. I appreciated your blog this am. I happen to feel the same way. We are told by society to have a Homogenized yard, one color, one type of grass, and then pushed to spend so much money and ruin the environment to get it. Wake up people, let nature be wild like the woods – and appreciate ALL living things. and see the magic. great post, thanks, and I hope you have stirred some thoughts in a few people, as usual- I bet you do!!!! have a great weekend, momentummikey, 🙂

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