Dealing With Uncomfortable Feelings

When we experience feelings that are not so comfortable, we often try to shut them down right away. We bury ourselves in busy-ness. We distract ourselves however we can find. But the feelings persist, and worse, they come up at inconvenient times for us. We just keep on distracting ourselves, hoping they will go away. At the very worst, we try to numb ourselves when we cannot seem to force them to go away.

Not feeling our feelings can be very hard on our spirit, mind and body.
Take some time to feel your feelings. Just the feelings, not the story behind them. Sit in the feelings for as long as you need. When the story comes up in your mind, let it go – over and over if you need to. Just feel the feelings. They will not eat you alive. They will not damage you now. They are just feelings. It is okay to feel them.

Remember to breathe deeply and regularly through this exercise. When we are stressed, our breathing often becomes shallow. It is very helpful to focus on your breathing while you feel your feelings.
After you have sat with your feelings for awhile, they can begin to loosen and lighten up. Sometimes it takes several meditations, but eventually our feelings will flow on by if we experience them. Once we have processed our feelings, we can make clear decisions and find solutions for whatever it was we were feeling uncomfortable about.

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