What Is Fun To You?

How do you play? It’s a really important question. How do you use your imagination? How do you have fun? How do you let everyday life go for awhile?

We sometimes lose what it means to play as we become adults. We think play is for kids. But recess is really good for all of us. Moving our bodies and using our creativity in fun ways can be exactly what we need.

What did you enjoy doing for play when you were a child? Maybe there’s something you used to do that you could do now. What have you seen children doing that you might like to try?
Hiking, biking, swimming, aimlessly daydreaming, arts and crafts, hula hooping, skating, running, sledding, skiing, dancing, building indoor forts or outdoor camps…. there are a few ideas. You can come up with a lot more. What is fun to you? Maybe try something new.

I love to hear from you!

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