Surrender Is A Process

Surrender is a process of letting go. It is usually not a one time activity, although it can be. Usually we surrender something many times before we really let it flow on out of us.

What do we need to surrender? Anything that is not loving in our lives. Anything that drags our energy down. Any energy that feels heavy or dense. Energy that feels like it blocks us. These heavy energies can get trapped in our bodies and affect our moods and even our health.

How do we surrender? We can begin by asking ourselves – have we done everything we can to resolve the situation? Have we sat with the feelings surrounding the situation and really felt them? If we have, then it is time for surrender.

We keep negativity alive by keeping it in our thoughts. As your thoughts go back to the place that you are finding challenging right now, consciously let them go. Think about something else. Do something else. Distract yourself when you need to. Remember, you have already done everything you can think of. Now it’s time to let it go. Just continue to let it go and have patience with yourself and the process. Remember that surrender is a process.

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