Stop Telling Those Old Stories

Our past pain has been valuable, for sure. If we have learned from it and let it go, it has been extremely helpful. But if we are stuck in it – as long as we are stuck in it – our past pain continues to be our present pain.

We can tell we are stuck easily. Are we telling the same old painful stories? Do we go over what happened again and again? Does the pain come up at unusual times? Does it color how we think, feel and speak about others and the world?

If we are still learning from it, that is okay. It is okay to experience pain. It is a part of life. We do not have to make pain our enemy. It is here to show us things we never thought of before. But staying in the pain is not healthy or helpful for us. It is also okay to let it go when we are ready.

What would change in our lives if we let this pain go? How would our stories change?

When we let go of past pain, we create space for new, wonderful things to come into our lives.

I love to hear from you!

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