Responding To Bad News

What happens when we get news that we don’t like? Our bodies react physically. We feel stress. Our stomach may be upset. We may get a headache. We may be short tempered. It doesn’t feel good.

The body reacts to how we think about what happened. When we think it’s bad news, that can set off a whole range of physical reactions. Just like when we think it’s good news, our bodies feel great. It’s really how we think about what happened.

There is always going to be news that we don’t like. It’s a part of life. It’s not all rainbows. We know that. So how can we get off the roller coaster of physical responses? We can learn to think about news differently.

We can let go of our judgment about what is happening. We can be observers instead of reactors. We can find a calm spot within and go there. Meditation helps us practice doing that. As soon as we start to feel the stress coming on, we can stop and remind ourselves that everything is working out as it should.

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