Let Go When Ready

We surrender things that no longer are helpful for us when we are ready. Not a minute before. We have a process of releasing unhelpful things and it is okay.

In the meantime, while we are still going over it – wallowing in it – feeling it way too often – we can take a break. We are going to let it go, maybe not this minute – but we will. We always do. Pressuring ourselves beyond what is reasonable is just not helpful.

If we are not ready to let go, that is okay. It is not time yet for us. But staying stuck in it will not provide us any new insight or inspiration. We can choose to take a break from the issue. When it feels heavy in our emotions, we can give it a rest.


This is a wonderful time to do something nice for ourselves. We can shake this off for a little bit in order to get a fresh look at it. It may not feel natural to do something loving for ourselves when we feel stuck, but it can make all the difference if we do.
We can find something new to do – something new to see. We can even find a whole new way to approach what we are challenged by when we give ourselves a break. It is often when we give it a rest that we find the solution.

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