About Dyan

I am an intensely creative spirit who loves to inspire and help others.  I am an author, publisher, artist, adventurer, music lover, meditator, gardener and dreamer.  I am a passionate environmentalist.  (My name, Dyan, is pronounced like Diane.)

I started writing when I could hold a pen.  I haven’t stopped writing yet.  I have decades of formal and informal research and study in all fields related to psychology and social work.  I have decades of work experience in the helping field as a counselor and as an advocate for others.

I started Be Inspired! because I needed it.  I needed to be reminded of the love in the world that starts inside of each of us.  I have experienced a lot in my life.  I have done my best to make lemonade out of the most sour lemons.

This is intended to be a short burst of inspiration, 5 days a week.  I can also be found on twitter and Facebook, providing a steady stream of love every day.

I usually use the term the “Creator” or “Divine” when referring to God, Higher Power, Inner Wisdom, Buddha, Jesus, Oneness, Nature, or any other holy name you can think of.  Please use whatever name you are comfortable with.  Please do not be afraid to find wisdom wherever it is.




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