Let Your Heart Melt

When we think back and realize that we did not handle something in the most positive and loving way, we can feel helpless, hopeless and even depressed.  We know there is nothing we can do to change it.  After we have apologized and made amends in whatever way we can – it is still there and…

Let It Be

Living in our moments means that we let go of the past.  We let go of all of our attachments to the past and all of our past stories.  Letting go means forgetting.  Forgetting can seem a little scary and we can be very resistant to forgetting at times.  But it is okay to forget….

The Opposite Of Bullying

Last year at a local high school there was a student who opened a facebook account.  The student did this anonymously – using a phrase instead of his/her real name.  And all year long this student posted on facebook regularly.  I came across the page by chance and watched in amazement daily. This student posted the most…

Even when we think we are in darkness

In that moment when you think everything is going wrong – switch up your thoughts.  Maybe it is going right.  Maybe you could stop judging things as wrong or right and just observe what is going on around you.  Everything around us is supporting us.  Whether it feels like it or not.  Even when you…

Summoned Angels

This book came as a surprise to me.  While I am a writer, I have never written about dreams, the afterlife or spirits.  My previous writing experiences have been confined to some form of personal development.  As a counselor/life coach/social worker, advocating self-help and personal empowerment has been my focus for more than three decades….